• Most Popular Necklace Trends

    Most Popular Necklace Trends
    One of the most significant overall trends we are seeing continue into this year is layering. From simple staggered pendants to multiple messy layers, it’s the more, the merrier when it comes to necklaces. In terms of trending metals, we are seeing everything from a resurgence of yellow gold to the tried and true white gold and sterling silver.
  • The Art of Letting Go

    The Art of Letting Go
    Selling an original work of art (no matter the cost) is a validating moment in any artist’s career. When you sell your first piece, there is a sense of hope that “making it” as an artist is possible.  However, one thing we tend to gloss over is the emotional connection one has to his/her artwork…
  • Importance of Different Towels

    Importance of Different Towels
    Different Towel Uses First of all, in this blog will will discuss different towel uses. We use different type of towels like Bath Towels for drying your body, Beach Towels when you are going to a beach, you can use Tea Towels for drying your hands, as a napkin, Kitchen Towel is for drying up.
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